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BioCombact Ltd

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BioCombact Ltd

BioCombact is the company behind Smart Bio Fertilizer – an innovative mixture of microbial and mineral components which substantially increases the conversion rate and yield of a variety of crops in different types of soil, thus improving the overall output and sustainability of crop farming in general, including the organic farming. The ultimate challenge we aim to respond to is formulating a set of bio-based mixtures to be used as environmentally friendly and safe, highly efficient fertilizers with pesticide characteristics, not overly complex to produce in scalable quantities. To that end, we have developed a mixture of compost and biocharcoal as the substrate, substituted by biological components of selected bacteria and algae, acting as the fertilizer and pesticide at the same time. These components alone have a positive impact but combined they provide multiplied synergetic effect. And today’s synergy is what we believe will yield a global impact on any local endeavor tomorrow.


Ivica Dimkić


Dejan Lazić

Co-founder and Vice-director

Aleksandar Radulović

Co-founder and Marketing director

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