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BioSense Institute

BioSense Institute

BioSense, Research and Development Institute for IT in biosystems, is a pioneer in digital transformation of agriculture in Serbia, founded in 2015. Exploring scientific and technological frontiers regarding the application of IT in agriculture, the Institute strives to deliver state-of-the- art digital solutions to the farming sector in Serbia and the world, in order to ensure higher yields with smaller investments. Thanks to such a transdisciplinary approach, the Institute has left an indelible mark in the international scientific community. This is proved by the participation in 30 national and around 50 international projects, most of them from the European Union’s Research and Innovation Program – Horizon 2020, as well as numerous national and international awards that researchers from BioSense have won. The most prominent project, ANTARES (H2020), supported by the European Commission and the Republic of Serbia, aims to turn the BioSense Institute into a leading European Center of scientific excellence in sustainable agriculture. In March 2018, BioSense launched the first Digital Farm in Serbia that provides all stakeholders with hands-on learning opportunities and showcases how AgTech solutions can be implemented in real-world settings. Due to the partnership with the European Space Agency, BioSense is the only distributor of Sentinel satellite imagery in the country. Also, the impact is spread globally through other collaborations with FAO, EBRD, World Bank and UNICEF.

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