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Directorate for national reference laboratories

Directorate for national reference laboratories

The Directorate for National Reference Laboratories (DNRL), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, performs tasks in the field of food and feed safety, quality and safety control of milk and health of plants, seeds and planting material. DNRL cooperates with laboratories from the EU as well as with scientific research institutes both in the country and abroad.

The structure of DNRL includes 5 units – 1) Laboratory for Phytosanitary Testing and Seed Quality Testing, 2) Plant Gene Bank, 3) Laboratory for Milk Safety and Quality and Microbiological Laboratory for Food and Feed Safety, 4) Laboratory for Physical and Chemical Testing of Food and Feed and 5) Molecular biology laboratory for the food, feed, water, soil, plants and seeds safety and equipped with the most modern analytical equipment (liquid and gas chromatographs, ICP-MS, PCR, sequencer 3 generation). A significant part of the equipment was provided from EU funds.


Goran Zebic

Director of the Directorate

Stevo Jovandic

Head of Molecular-biology laboratory

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