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HerbElixa DOO

HerbElixa DOO

HerbElixa DOO is a startup company founded in 2018, with the aim to develop, produce and sell innovative natural herbal preparation HerbELICO® – highly effective in elimination of Helicobacter pylori from human stomach, without unwanted adverse effects that are common for standard antibiotic therapy. Half of the world’s population is infected with this bacterium, which causes gastritis, stomach ulcer, stomach cancer and MALT lymphoma, and therefore it must be treated.

HerbELICO® is based on scientific results of ten-year research. The active component of this preparation is a specific combination of essential oils obtained from three aromatic plants.

HerbELICO idea of HerbElixa founders won the first prize in the competition for “The best female entrepreneurial idea” in 2019, and also the second prize “Best Technological Innovation in 2020″ competition in Serbia.

HerbELICO® is present on the markets of Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia, and soon will enter EU and America markets.


Dr. Ivana Beara, Co-founder

Živko Simin, Director

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