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The Innovation Fund through appropriate funding instruments encourages the development of new and strengthening of existing companies to create new, innovative products with high added value and market potential. Also, the Fund supports R&D organizations in the commercialization of their inventions.

The Fund’s programs provide continuous support for the creation of innovations, the strengthening of the connection between science and the private sector, and also improvement of Serbian companies’ innovation potential.  Following trends, the Fund adapts its programs to the needs of the economy and the academic community, continuously improving current and developing new mechanisms to support technological development and innovation.

From 2011, the Fund has funded a total of EUR 58.9 million towards the development of new, innovative products, services, and technology through over 1,400 companies’ innovative projects and R&D organizations. Investing funds helps companies in reducing the risk associated with the development of new products, achieve tangible business results and hire new professionals.


Aleksandra Todorović

Independent Advisor for Projects & Programs of the Innovation Fund

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