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Institute for Medical Research

University of Belgrade

Institute for Medical Research

National Institute of Republic of Serbia

Institute for Medical Research (IMR) is a leading national research institute within University of Belgrade, the largest and highest ranked University in the Western Balkans.  IMR is planned to be a part of the new BIO4 Campus in Belgrade – a strategic investment project to concentrate people, knowledge, and infrastructure to accelerate development in biomedicine, biotechnology, and bioinformatics. With ten Research groups and two Centres of Excellence, IMR is a central hub for biomedical R&I and was awarded the status of the National Institute of the Republic of Serbia. IMR has close ties to the healthcare system and fosters multidisciplinary approach to R&I with more than 80 permeant staff researchers with background in medicine, biology, pharmacy, biochemistry, neuroscience, psychology, engineering, chemistry, physics etc. The core of IMR mission has always been the implementation and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge through scientific research and education, with its researchers having been involved in teaching activities in the University of Belgrade academic curriculum and in different university centres throughout the country. IMR researchers actively participate in European research projects (EU Framework Programmes: Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, EUREKA, SCOPES, EFSA).


Vesna Ilic

Science advisor

Jovana Bjekic, Scientific associate

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