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Teleradiology for frontier markets

TelMed aims to become the leading provider of teleradiology in frontier markets following the establishment of its turnkey business solutions. Our goal is to offer European radiology expertise to healthcare providers who lack additional expertise and resources.

We tend to think that most new technology is made for the developed world. What if, in this case, the technology is destined to change the way that medicine, in general, is both perceived and practiced in Africa, remote areas of Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

TelMed wants to lead the change!




The teleradiology platform will create access to leading radiologists from Europe, providing diagnostic accuracy and reducing the response of medical staff in patient diagnostics through TelMed smart software and operational models.


We want to maintain the highest standard in radiology, with maximum flexibility, both for radiologists and healthcare providers at affordable prices, and to deliver the service to you, wherever you are.


TelMed automated translation service will ensure the accurate delivery of diagnostic reports adapted for your market and local language.


The platform provides a simple way to share and discuss patient images between radiology experts and colleagues from other medical disciplines for more precise and rapid diagnosis providing potentially better outcomes for our patients.


Ivan Jurčić

CO-Founder and CEO

Vladimir Jovičič


Nenad Orlić

CO-Founder and COO

Oliver Jovanović

Front-end Developer

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