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University of Belgrade
Faculty of Forestry

University of Belgrade

Faculty of Forestry

The University of Belgrade Faculty of Forestry (UBFF) is a higher education and scientific research institution with a hundred year-long tradition with following departments: Forestry and Nature Conservation, Wood Technologies, Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and Ecological Engineering in the Protection of Soil and Water Resources.

The departments serve as unique inter-disciplinary hubs, which facilitate optimal use of modern teaching and scientific equipment. Committed and competent staff across the departments, make the UBFF recognised for its excellence, responsible research and commitment to social engagement, science promotion and creating educated and open-minded young experts.

UBFF is a leading regional research institution in the field of forestry implementing knowledge of biotechnology, diffuse pollution, bioinformatics, and bioengineering to support biodiversity and forest ecosystem services. Breakthrough in fire risk assessment is achieved using machine learning methods.

The UBFF has two teaching bases the Arboretum where field and practical classes and scientific research work are carried out.


Dr Snežana Belanović Simić, Full Professor

Vice Dean for Science and International Cooperation
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry

Marija Đurković, D.Sc. Associate Professor,

President of the Department Council
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry

Ivana Stojiljković, Ph.D., Assistant with PhD

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry

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