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Vincula Biotech Group

Vincula Biotech Group

Vincula Biotech Group is a biotechnology ecosystem which covers the entire chain of regenerative medicine and cell and gene therapies. We are a unique platform of research laboratories, biobanks, production, licensed clinics and hospitals, led by world-renowned experts, working in synergy and with the same ethical goal: to enable the application of cell and gene therapy to patients who need it, transforming standard methods into innovative and personalized treatments.

Our research projects are directed towards the application of therapies through the hospitals “Parks” and “BioCell Hospital” on the one hand and the production of cell therapies in GMP licensed laboratories in “Educell” on the other hand, all to accomplish shorter¬† development cycle. Within the ecosystem, at BioBank, we also deal with cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood, tissues, dental pulp, etc.

Vincula Biotech Group’s mission is to bring a new perspective to standard practice by combining an integrative strategy with research, modern regenerative medicine and cutting-edge biotechnology.


Jovana Vukovic

Research associate

Milica Dakic

Research associate

Tamara Papic

PhD Associate partner

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