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White Lemur – SOMA

White Lemur – SOMA

White Lemur – SOMA is a startup that deals with the development of sustainable biotechnological solutions, and the sustainable production of versatile biomaterials. The main raw materials we use are agricultural waste, and our production cycle is completely circular. Our products include Biosporin – a mycomaterial intended as an ecological substitute for expanded polystyrene, chitin and chitosan for use in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as medicinal mushroom extracts in various forms and mushroom-based prebiotics. Substances from medicinal mushrooms are brough to the market through the brand IMUNIN. In addition to service microbiological and mycological production, we also provide research and development, product development and product validation services in biotechnology.


Nikola Stanojević


Dr. Anđelika Kalezić

Scientific Advisor

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